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Morocco has been one of the most exciting in the culture and landscape level. Travel within the Alawites world is like stepping into a different and attractive environment in which, at certain times seem to be inside the story of the Thousand and One Nights. Morocco is a safe country where you can enjoy a variety of tourist resources.

A trip to Morocco can discover attractions, culture and habits, in a country that encompasses different traditions and peoples. With Desert Trips Marrakech we invite you to discover and explore the fascinating landscape through our routes in lands with contrasts of ancient legends, stories and exotic adventures. Our tours are always an experience because we take care of all your wishes in details.

We can show impressive landscapes, rarely visited by tourists and make you sleep, if you wish, in an authentic Berber tent. My name is Achraf El Bahry and I am the manager and owner of Desert Trips Marrakech. I belong to a Berber family of the Sahara Desert and I have 10 years of experience in organizing trips to Morocco.

You will travel in comfortable and comfortable 4X4 Toyota and air-conditioned minibus, always accompanied, for your safety, by Berbers who speak French, Spanish, Italian and English. We can arrange any trip type to the country: from corporate traveler, with family, with friends and even, marriages between the desert dunes. We will satisfy all customer requirements. We can offer you luxurious accommodation in hotels and riads, or standard, but will always be guaranteed the quality in all services. I love my country, our culture and first of all my work, so my priority is the satisfaction of my clients.